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Our method, people and software support you in making your knowledge capital productive. The coherent and accurate analysis and modeling of knowledge is our great strength. In this way you achieve agility in your business operations and your organization is always compliant.

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Large organizations within, for example, the government, finance and manufacturing are regularly confronted with enormous amounts of information, legislation protocol and requirements. In order to be agile, efficient, compliant and transparent, despite a considerable amount of knowledge and data, it is necessary to have a grip on processes, rules, data and semantics within your organization. This can be achieved together with PNA, expert in the field of knowledge and data management.

Customer cases

Our customers talk about their experiences. Be inspired by their success stories.

PNA comes with the added advantage that it has a wealth of experience in requirements analysis, which was definitely useful in the development process.

Diederik Dulfer, Belastingdienst
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PNA - using its cogNIAM® approach - enabled Moneyou’s aspiration for better and faster development of online banking products at a lower price.

Bjorn Niels, MoneYou
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We co-created a SLIM-model with PNA which describes data precisely.

Lars Ritzen, Loyalis
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The method of PNA enables us to quickly map out the entire environment and the information requirements

Paul van Venrooij, CBS
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