There is a lot more knowledge available in organizations than is often recognized or acknowledged. Simply because this knowledge is fragmented and hidden in systems, processes, documents and people’s heads. Employees often doe not communicate effectively, and knowledge is not linked to regulations and legislation.

PNA group standaard

With an eye for relevant information and detail, PNA identifies, analyses, structures and stores this information system-independently so that work can be much more efficient and flexible. PNA brings cohesion, overview and transparency, making knowledge manageable and re-usable and preventing knowledge-based incidents.

When we begin the process with our clients, we start by conducting practical interviews organization-wide. We ask questions and follow these up with further questions. We reflect back opinions and we spar together. We’re critical. We go through all the ins and outs before we put down a problem-specific and business-specific functional design on paper. We then ensure that everyone in the company is speaking the same language, by such means as drawing up a glossary of definitions, communication templates and feittypediagrams. In order to make the language public, and most of all practical, we create a central point: the Single Point of Truth (SPOT). SPOT is also called SPOR: Single Point of Reference

This is how knowledge can be shared, used and re-used objectively and can be modified at any time from a single location. This is how the impact of changes becomes visible. It is also how knowledge becomes dynamic. Finally, we train our clients so that they are able – with the necessary documentation – to apply the cogNIAM® method productively themselves, by adding and maintaining knowledge, and changing and developing it as necessary. The great thing about the cogNIAM® method is that this knowledge model is software- and technology-independent. Users need no knowledge of IT and can actively apply their domain knowledge to maximum effect. By taking back control, your organization gets more independence regarding third parties.

Briefly put, PNA is building a unique, sound, knowledge management platform on which organizations can take decisions independently that are 100% reliable, and that can be validated and verified. Thoroughly sustainable regulations and legislation, and information analysis. Long-term solutions that are practical, safe, trustworthy and affordable. First-time right. Clear, reliable processes. Maximum control and compliance. Optimal entrepreneurship.