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For more then 25 years PNA is active within the financial industry, including banking, insurance companies and pension offices.


Financials are constantly faced with the challenge of compliance, as regulations become stricter and more transparency is needed. The consequences of the economic crisis are still being felt in the financial sector. Confidence in the sector has been severely affected. Various regulators have tightened up their regulations and clients and shareholders expect more and more transparency. Insurers are consolidating or taken over by private equity funds. The current pension system is under pressure, players are dropping out and funds are increasingly consolidating. The emerging Fintech start-ups, while driving innovation, are gaining momentum. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence increasingly form the basis for decisions in the financial sector. In conclusion, an almost disruptive turn of events is taking place. In order to facilitate this change, smart IT solutions and data are becoming more important. These solutions enable the sector to efficiently organize business processes and serve customers.

PNA helps financials deal with these opportunities and challenges. We ensure that clients such as ABN AMRO, Loyalis, AZL and Moneyou make effective use of their knowledge, are agile, have their data in order and meet regulatory requirements. In this way, we enable them to innovate and compete, while serving their customers transparently and efficiently.

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Maurice Nijssen

Managing Director

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Case Moneyou

Dutch onlinebank Moneyou is a relatively small organisation operating within a large market. Since 2012 not only Dutch, but also German, Belgian and Austrian residents can open an online savings account with Moneyou. Successfully offering online banking services heavily depends on a clever ICT approach. PNA - using its cogNIAM® approach - enabled Moneyou’s aspiration for better and faster development of online banking products at a lower price.

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Case Loyalis

‘Working flawlessly is of the utmost importance since the Solvency II legislation came into effect. The SLIM-model not only increased the data quality, but it also showed the Dutch Central Bank that data quality is a priority for us.’ The importance of data management for Loyalis becomes clear if you look at the way the data governance structure is arranged.

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