PNA Works for both profit and non-profit organizations. And for big and small companies. Our cogNIAM® method, and also aspects of it, can be applied in every sector.

For example, the ABN AMRO bank asked us to map out and simplify the structure of conditions for private none-life insurance policies, with the aim of getting a firm grip on them and making them productive. In an on-going SmartScrum process, we continued to ask our client questions and generate feedback. We then developed a specific knowledge model and an application that connected to the chosen implementation platform. In November 2014, the simplified conditions for ‘Personal liability insurance’ won the Gouden Veer. This is a prize for the best financial text of the year, awarded by the chairman of the AFM.

At the beginning of this century, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) asked us to consolidate knowledge. Due to a change in their working methods, there was a surplus of senior secondary vocational education (MBO) employees and a shortage of higher vocational (HBO) employees. It was expected that the departure of personnel would lead to the loss of a lot of knowledge – a major operational risk! PNA used its cogNIAM® method and offered a transparent system in which information could be constantly updated and kept complete and understandable. Employees could develop to higher vocational level and costs were saved.

As well as the clients mentioned above, we also work for organizations like Achmea, ADP Nederland, APG, AZL, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst), Erasmus University Rotterdam, ESA, Geodan, IND, Interpolis, Loyalis, DSM, the European Commission, MoneYou, Obvion, the Open University and VGZ.