The cogNIAM® method is the best way for companies in every sector to clarify the context and cohesion of knowledge, both within the organization and between organizations. All the knowledge available in the company is gathered and used to the full within a single system: the cogNIAM® studio.

PNA group standaard

By creating insight through that central system, the cogNIAM® method then makes it possible to predict and to gain a grip on changes. A change in legislation regarding mortgage interest tax relief, for example, will impact many aspects of an organization such as a bank. Not only must the legal department draw up an impact and risk analysis, but Product Development will also have to make adjustments, Operations will have to visualize what processes will look like after the change, IT will have to modify programs and make data clearly available, HR will have to arrange new training courses and Marketing will have to ensure that there is communication with the customers.  And as for the management, the MT will have to take decisions based on all the information available to them. However, there’s a danger in this. Because everyone thinks from their own perspective, based on their own definitions, their own responsibilities and – most particularly – in their own language. You could compare it with describing your incredibly sweet dog, who is very active, is not all that big, and has a beautiful, soft white coat. The person listening to you thinks that you have a poodle but in fact you have a pit-bull terrier. Misunderstandings. Misinterpretation. You don’t need much for that. After all, one person might look at an organization from a process-based perspective, while another may favor semantics or information.Whether they come from outside or inside the organization. The idea behind this is that far too much knowledge, and therefore money, is simply lost. This might be due to employees leaving the company, bad transfer of knowledge, contradiction, lack of alignment or just because knowledge is hidden away so deep in the system that it’s inaccessible. PNA tackles this destruction of capital by analyzing information and structuring knowledge in a sustainable and maintainable way on the basis of world standards. It makes us the world leader in Knowledge-based Working (KBW).

The cogNIAM® method originated more than 40 years ago in the scientific improvement of analysis, communication and teaching methods. The method is based on our natural everyday language (semantics). Because the method can be applied so widely, anyone can easily learn and use skills and instructions based on the same frame of reference. Moreover, by providing practical examples and access to knowledge in a systematic way, it’s faster to get to the root of an issue and gain a focused view on results. Organizations rapidly get clear, reproducible results. The method is very accurate in this respect and, most of all; it is very clear and uniform. It excludes the possibility of multiple interpretations. The available knowledge can be explained in one way only and structural errors are minimized. It improves communication both internally and externally. The rapid technological developments that organizations have faced over the last decades have often led to a patchwork of applications. Systems are linked to each other where possible and necessary, but when it boils down to it they no longer supply the right information needed to make decisions. And yet legislation is becoming increasingly strict and coercive, and companies are also constantly updating their own processes and procedures. Instead of thinking about their core business, ad making systems for it, companies are now ruled by technology. PNA turns this around and offers control through the cogNIAM® method. This gives companies a 30% faster Time to Market, a 30% saving on projects, 70% lower Cost of Change and, most importantly,100% transparency, clarity and sustainability.