AMSTERDAM, December 2014 – On Thursday 20 November 2014, Merel van Vroonhoven, chair of AFM, awarded the Gouden Veer to ABN AMRO Insurance. This year, the jury of the annual writing competition was looking for the best financial communication text. The ABN AMRO private Liability Insurance conditions were voted first out of the 85 submissions and 5 finalists.

“For the conditions of the Liability Insurance, Pieter Eikelboom and his team pulled out all the stops to tell the customer as clearly as possible what the insurance policy does and does not cover, what procedures apply to it, and what possibilities and results may occur,” explained the chair of the jury. With this, ABN AMRO insurance took a major step towards formulating complicated insurance conditions full of legal jargon in such a way as to enable the customer to understand the contents before signing them.

PNA was able to contribute to this process through the cogNIAM Finance joint venture. It was partly responsible for the protocol-based unraveling of difficult conditions to reveal their core structure. The insight that arose from this helped the team to write understandable, consistent conditions in a readable structure. We are proud to have been a part of this major step towards simplifying financial products.

For the complete jury report “Van klinkende munt naar klinkklare taal” click here.