Research is in our genes. The founder of PNA, Professor Sjir Nijssen, started with scientific research as far back as the late 1960s. He laid firm foundations for our cogNIAM® method, which has been applied effectively worldwide for many years ever since. But we’re still busy with research and development every day – simply because the world does not stand still and we want to integrate into our method new insights in the way we handle knowledge and information.

PNA group standaard

Critical research is the best way to stay accurate and raise professionalism in our knowledge-intensive world. The cogNIAM® method is based on this continuity. So we prefer to conduct our own research. It keeps us on our toes – and our customers too. It enables us to offer an approach and a solution that go a whole lot further than just another organization theory.

What’s more, based on our research we develop pioneering software to solve practical, knowledge-intensive problems. Clients can use this software – which is specifically geared to business issues – to identify their business knowledge in a transparent, structured way and then store and share it system-independently with the aim of regaining control and making knowledge productive.