PNA offers a wide range of services. Central to these is always the cogNIAM® method. Because we are wholly convinced that by working with this, companies can prevent knowledge wastage and thus wastage of time and money.


In our opinion, business objectives should lead to new IT solutions and cannot be regarded separately from strategy, market, value chain, portfolio and business processes. With its Business Consultancy, PNA offers a results-focused and integrated vision for decision-making in issues at the interface of business and IT. We analyze business processes, but also business rules, data definitions and decisions, and ensure a match between objectives, necessary information and the different systems. The result is you are able to identify bottlenecks better and faster and then arrive at the right solutions on this basis.


Our analysts are the most experienced experts in the Netherlands – and far outside the country – in analysis based on cogNIAM® with BPMN 2.0/ SBVR and DMN. They provide our clients with the best information systems. To do this, they use comprehensive rules and a cogNIAM® software tool in which the original assignment or other specification documents, all sources, interim results and final results are linked together. In short, PNA makes the underlying relationship between processes rules, data and semantics visible. Of course, all of the underlying processes are also included so that the impact of changes is directly apparent and the results can always be controlled.


PNA also carries out complete system design and realization projects for its clients. Projects that focus on functionality, architecture, investments and risks. Following a thorough analysis and drawing up a functional and technical design, our system developers proceed to the actual realization of the new solution. But not before we and the client have checked that the design works and satisfies expectations. We do this by presenting fully functioning prototypes. Then we guide and advise the client in the acceptation tests, introduction and evaluation. For you, the client, it’s also good to know that we are fully familiar with the platforms of leading suppliers. So the solutions that we create fit within the environment of every organization.


PNA has only one objective, and that’s to make our clients smarter by teaching them how to manage and maintain knowledge. In our view, being less dependent on other parties, keeping control and thus being able to steer are preferable. Although we aim at self-management, we can also assume responsibility for maintaining and managing systems developed by PNA on the basis of a sound, clear, service level agreement, if preferred. Full hosting is also a possibility.


Thanks to our knowledge of complex IT environments – including operating systems – of designing and optimizing networks and of the possibilities and complications in designing a user environment, we can also provide our clients with the best possible advice, or design and manage the complete environment.