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Data are the new gold. And you want to actively target this in your company, with a clear view of what’s going on. Which means that data have to be reliable, correctable, and accessible, and discrepancies have to be apparent. However, in recent years, data flows – both incoming and outgoing – have grown explosively and exponentially. In order to continue to steer and generate relevant business data, many organizations have opted to link systems together where possible, without taking account of the impact of master data and the need for approaching them from a uniform perspective. Which means the cart being put before the horse for a long time, because master data actually span systems and processes and should be approached as such. It’s your business that should come first, and not the technology. Information about customers, for example, can be stored in multiple systems but can also be used in very different ways by the various departments or employees in a company. So it’s important to use the same definitions to generate useful reports so that you can control your organization more effectively. PNA devotes all its resources to achieve 100% quality of all your data, whether they come from your systems or the heads of your employees. We check your data on validity, consistency, integrity, accuracy and relevance in order to arrive at a view that is organization-wide.