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The Scrum method, which comes from the IT world, promises to achieve (partial) objectives/deliveries predictably, efficiently and sustainably with clockwork precision by deploying multidisciplinary teams. Something workable should be produced in a short time – called an ‘iteration’. Demonstrable results are delivered. Every day, a team consisting of business and technical experts meets to share knowledge in an effective way. This enables organizations to keep control of the lead time, costs and the involvement of multiple (external) parties. Of course, PNA combines Scrum with our cogNIAM® method. The result is SmartScrum, which enables our clients to quickly communicate results both inside and outside the project team from a single knowledge model. We already store definitions that will recur or be needed later in the project in the first phase – phased 0. In short, we draw up a smart register of concepts, adding an extra basis to Scrum. This leads to a lead time that is 30% shorter than normal, and a valuable cost reduction of 20-30%.