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Meet PNA, pioneers in knowledge science and information analysis

"You can identify and structure knowledge in such a way that you can use it as a basis for calculation, and in a way that will save you time and money immediately and in the long term in particular. This is what sets PNA apart.” – Emer. Prof. Sjir Nijssen.

The DNA of PNA

1. We are curious

We like to know what the latest developments in our field are, how that relates to our method and what that can mean for our customers. We want to get to know new markets and new products. We enjoy knowing our customers and colleagues, what drives them, what their wishes are and where we can help them. We continue until we get to the heart of the problem.

2. We are original

We offer our customers solutions that are not offered by other consultancy firms. We are a bit stubborn, because, trained in cogNIAM, we want - and can – find all knowledge. We have an urge to analyze and model using real-life examples. We come up with creative ideas and solutions, and think out of the box. We are accurate and pay attention to valuable details. Our solutions and services are based on a philosophy, namely the cogNIAM philosophy.

3. We are involved

We are actually interested in the people we work with whether they are our customers or our colleagues. We take an extra step for them, and we achieve goals and results. There is always a possible solution, so we don't like to say "no", while still remaining true to ourselves. Involvement also expresses an interest in working with others if we think that this leads to a better solution.

4. We are inventive

We are at the forefront of our field, so we are always one step ahead of the competition. We are innovative and, if necessary for the customer, we devise solutions that have never been devised before. Sometimes we ask ourselves is there are any direct or comparable competitors, because our approach is a has a fundamentally different perspective. We work towards the goal from a core of knowledge.

5. We are honest

We don't play games, we don't have a hidden agenda and we don't have politics. We appreciate the people we work with - from customers to colleagues or business partners - for who they are and what they can do. We also respect what they cannot do and help them as well as possible. We communicate directly, clearly and not via-via. We give, if that is in the interest of our conversation partner, an unsalted opinion. In that sense, we are the embodiment of Patrick Lencioni "the naked advisor".

6. We are passionate

We have a passion for our work, and we also propagate that on many fronts. Whatever role we play, we play with vigor. We do not have a 9-to-5 mentality; if necessary, we will continue until we have reached our goals. We also have fun and humor - laughter is healthy, and it also contributes to good working atmosphere and a healthy company!

7. We are bold

As small as we are, we still have a lot of influence. We do business with large, well-known and innovative organizations. We work with them, and we are proud of who we are and what we can do. We make proposals and perform actions that defy the imagination without becoming irresponsible. We dare to take risks and are entrepreneurial, both in terms of content and business. For example, we played a leading role in drafting various world standards, entered into a strategic partnership with ADP, set up a joint venture with ABN AMRO, to name just a few. PNA colleagues have worked on groundbreaking projects and solutions; think of ABP's Fixed Income Support Tool, various products from ADP (Perman, SurePay, FlexBenefits), AZL, MoneYou's litigation house, ESA, FAMOUS, VGZ, Tax authorities, Calculation server .

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