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Professor Nijssen, founder of PNA and auctor intellectualis of NIAM

Professor Sjir Nijssen discovered in the 1970s how to identify, analyze and structure knowledge in such a way that you can use it for calculation.

Our story

The scientific basis

For more than 45 years, our founder Professor Sjir Nijssen has been devoting his efforts to teaching people how to handle knowledge more efficiently. In the 1970s, he discovered how you can identify, analyze and structure knowledge in such a way that you can use it in calculation. This enables specific knowledge to be made accessible to a larger group of people in understandable language, preventing wastage and allowing companies to prosper.

His insight was the main driving force behind developing the present cogNIAM® method – a scientific method that is central to PNA’s approach. It is a method that enables organizations to handle knowledge sustainably on the basis of current world standards in the field of knowledge management.

“You can identify and structure knowledge in such a way that you can use it as a basis for calculation, and in a way that will save you time and money immediately and in the long term in particular. This is what sets PNA apart.” – Emer. Prof. Sjir Nijssen

All available business knowledge is identified, structured and managed by means of knowledge classes.

No frivolous theories

Our work is motivated by an idealistic vision – the idea that an exact approach to knowledge, the wastage of knowledge, time and money can be prevented worldwide. You could call us idealists; you could call us do-gooders, but we believe in what we do. And we’ve been proving that for a long time.

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Space to innovate

With the appointment of Sjir’s son Maurice Nijssen as managing director, PNA has undergone a further significant development. Maurice is constantly occupied with making the knowledge capital of organizations more broadly applicable.

This extends from the business operations of organizations to cooperation in the chain – not just for commercial parties but also to develop innovative solutions for social issues on the basis of partnerships. So we think out of the box. We don’t get bogged down in frivolous theories but create on the basis of a through, fundamental grip on knowledge capital and thus on opportunities for growth.

Expansion at the management level aimed at the future

In January 2018, Frank Harmsen joined PNA as director/shareholder. Prior to his arrival at PNA Frank was a partner at EY Advisory, where he was responsible for transformation and digitization projects. Frank is also active as a professor of knowledge and information management at Maastricht University. Maurice is delighted with the arrival of Frank. “We complement each other. With his background Frank fits in seamlessly at PNA. His broad practical experience as an organizational consultant for leading organizations is very valuable to us. With his management experience, we can have an even greater impact.”

For Frank, the transition from a large organization such as EY to a smaller one like PNA is logical. “After having worked for larger companies like Capgemini and EY for almost 25 years, I wanted to be more entrepreneurial. Having my own company seemed like an interesting challenge, but what could be better than continuing with like-minded people? PNA is a perfect fit for me in terms of both content and culture. I want to use my experience to help PNA take the next step”.

With this expansion PNA is now, even more than before, able to carry out complete renewal and transformation projects for its clients, including the strategic and change management side.

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