Knowledge becomes increasingly important, but knowledge is still wasted frequently.

Nowadays there is no excuse for wasting knowledge. PNA was founded by Professor Sjir Nijssen to enable real transfer of knowledge between people or between people and machines, in an understandable and human-friendly manner. He quickly arrived at the greatest common denominator as the base ingredient: our own (natural) language, but supplemented with a well thought out underlying structure and approach.

Through a series of successive inventions (NIAM, ORM2, Information Science, Knowledge Engineering, cogNIAM®) and the creation of knowledge modeling world standards (e.g. BPMN, DMN en SBVR), every human being and every organization today is able to secure knowledge sustainably and apply it productively. It is no surprise that one of PNA’s earlier slogans was: “Knowledge: reading, arithmetic and writing of the knowledge society”. Knowledge, especially nowadays, and by definition in a modern knowledge economy, is a great asset. We are able to make knowledge alive, to mobilize knowledge!

At the same time, we still observe that knowledge is wasted ubiquitously. Few learn from their mistakes, there is little clarity regarding meaning and knowledge is centered around specific people, as the knowledge is not recorded properly. At the very least this leads to misunderstandings, but of course it can have much more dramatic consequences.

Our current mission therefore is: preventing waste of knowledge

PNA presents itself as a ‘knowledge partner’. PNA, still in correspondence with Sjir’s vision, is a company that counteracts waste of knowledge. Therefore it is not strange that our mission is to prevent waste of knowledge. This mission also helps, as Paul Iske always states, to fight the organized stupidity. If you do not have a complete overview, you soon work past each other or work against each other. The fight against organized stupidity is closely related to the prevention of knowledge wastage and obfuscation. Many organizations still fail to secure their knowledge in an accessible way. Problems arise when employees with specific or rare leave. We help alleviate these problems.  We aim to let organizations (but also society as a whole) benefit from brilliant failures – make mistakes, learn from them and improve. This is only possible if you make the acquired knowledge visible and (re)use it.

Our vision: creating space for innovation and improvement

Wasting resources is never desirable. It costs a lot of time and money – time and money that vanishes into thin air and does not add value to the organization. How amazing would it be if the resources now being wasted could be used to add value? That is why our vision is: “We help our customers create space. Space that allows them to focus on their actual work, on innovation, on improvement and on achieving agility and compliance. We do this by providing insight and real understanding. We dare to be different!”