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ABN AMRO Insurances

In november 2014, the product ‘Personal liability insurance' won the award ‘De Gouden Veer’ for its simplified conditions.

Winner 'Gouden Veer'

ABN AMRO Insurances asked us to map out and simplify the structure of conditions for private none-life insurance policies, with the aim of making them more usable and thus increasing productivity. In an ongoing SmartScrum process, we continually asked our client questions and generated feedback. Next we developed a knowledge model and an application that connected to the chosen implementation platform. In November 2014, the simplified conditions for ‘Personal liability insurance’ won the Gouden Veer. This is a prize for the best financial text of the year, awarded by the chairman of the AFM.

The challenge

ABN AMRO Insurance operates in a market in which the external factors place increasing demands on products. For example legislators and supervisors such as DNB and AFM are watching closely. Insurers want to make their terms and conditions comprehensible and transparent.  This results in a product that every customer understands, knows how it works and what to expect. That is not an easy task. It means, for example, that complex but well-tried legal formulations must be rewritten. In addition, there are the following challenges: When is a text understandable? How do you realize transparency? And how do you avoid running unwanted risks with a new formulation style?

The solution

PNA defined a knowledge model for ABN AMRO Insurance that serves as a frame of reference for including rules and processes in conditions in a logical order and in the right place. The knowledge model provides a consistent and complete overview of all information, in which the logical coherence, through relationships, is transparent.

In addition, our cogNIAM® experts attended the sessions in which specialists write conditions. In these sessions, the cogNIAM® expert asked substantive questions based on the cogNIAM protocol for written texts. Concrete examples were used to validate the information. When writing out processes, the cogNIAM expert helped to describe them completely and clearly, so that a customer understands exactly how this process works and what he can expect. The expert also coached the specialist in fully clarifying the essence of rules and definitions, in order to arrive at short and concise formulations. In situations where it was difficult to draw up a correct formulation, the expert gave advice on how to achieve this, based on the knowledge model. He constantly kept an eye on whether texts are compiled in a complete, consistent and uniform manner.
This ensured that conditions are always understandable and transparent for customers. On the other hand, it ensured the conditions do not contain any hidden risks for ABN AMRO Insurance.

After simplifying the conditions for the various non-life insurance policies, ABN AMRO Insurance has opted to simplify the conditions for life insurance policies in the same way. The same process was also carried out for the conditions of business insurance.

‘De Gouden Veer ‘ (The Golden Feather)

The simplified conditions for the “Liability Insurance” won ‘De Gouden Veer’ (The Golden Feather) in November 2014. This is the prize for the best financial text of the year, presented by the chairman of the AFM. The jury speaks of conditions that: “tell the customer as clearly as possible what that insurance covers and what does not cover it, which procedures apply, what possibilities and outcomes may arise” and “with this, the biggest step forward has been taken in terms of complicated insurance conditions full of legal jargon so that customers understand what it says before they sign it. ”

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