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PNA helps government agencies with the digital transformation of knowledge, information and processes

The government is constantly moving. Digitization may be going slower than planned, but it is now at the top of the agenda of all governments.

PNA is working for the Dutch and European government for more than 25 years, including the national and European policy implementing bodies, municipalities, provinces and water management boards.

The government has traditionally attached great importance to issues such as democracy, security, privacy and legal equality; digitization offers both opportunities and risks, but laws remain the basis of government action. Data is becoming increasingly important and citizens, accustomed to the convenience of commercial providers, demand that all the information they need can be found in one place.

PNA helps government organizations deal with these opportunities and challenges. We ensure that clients such as ESA, Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax and Custom Administration), Rijkswaterstaat and SVB make effective use of their knowledge, are agile and comply with legislation and regulations that form the basis for their actions. This enables them to innovate and improve their services.

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Frank Harmsen

Managing Director

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The CBS (Central Bureau for Statistics) has redesigned their employee registration application. With this application the career development of employees is registered. For example education, knowledge, competences and personal growth plans are recorded in this application.

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Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

If only we had a tool that would help us incorporate the effect of legislative changes into our systems, so that we would no longer have to go through Word documents to make the changes manually. That would certainly make life easier! It was this idea that prompted IT architect Diederik Dulfer of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and his manager Peter Straatsma to launch a European tender in 2013 to find a vendor that would venture to offer such a tool.

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