Collaborations are the driving force behind our innovation

PNA has always worked closely with innovative projects in the field of knowledge, data, processes and communication.

Innovation projects in business & IT

PNA believes in co-creation and works with partners on innovation projects at the intersection of business & IT. For PNA co-creation revolves around structuring, securing and sharing of knowledge capital. As PNA does not think in standard solution, we likewise are creative in our relationships with current and future clients: we believe in partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Partnerships where both parties learn and receive tailor-made solutions. Since we believe in the products and services we co-create, we are regularly part of consortia. We hope that you will be inspired and would like to hear your ideas. Perhaps the beginning of the next success story for both of us.

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Maurice Nijssen

Managing Director

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Meet Brightpharma, a collaboration between Pharmacare, KnocoM and PNA that aims to achieve 100% reliable and up-to-date medicinal product information in one structured and classified information model. This will enable health care providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacists and other health care stakeholders to make efficient use of medicinal product information at all times. This will also increase the quality of medicinal product information.

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Knowtice supports organizations in a dynamic, knowledge-driven economy. It has developed the Knowledge Scorecard for this purpose. The Knowledge Scorecard is an instrument with which organizations and their employees can make the value of knowledge visible, reduce risks and seize opportunities despite the awareness that knowledge is incredibly important, hardly any systematic overview of the knowledge capital is made in most organizations. This results in blind spots. With the Knowledge Scorecard, Knowtice introduces a method and a tool to carry out the necessary analyses easily and independently. The solution is based on both scientific research and practical experience. The Knowledge Scorecard can be used by anyone who has an interest in measuring, improving and predicting a company’s performance. The tool offers applications for investors, boards of directors, managers, employees, consultancies and accountants. Knowtice stems from a collaboration between PNA, COMPO and KnocoM.

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CogNIAM Finance

PNA, together with ABN AMRO Incubator Holding, has established the joint venture CogNIAM Finance to create innovative and sustainable knowledge solutions for the financial world. The joint venture helps financial institutions to get more return from the available knowledge capital.

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