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Cognitatie, the tool that makes your organization compliant and transparent

For annotating, classifying and relating information in documents at different levels.

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Discover a new way to manage your knowledge domain

Cognitatie is a tool aimed at analysis and annotation of relevant documents, such as customer requirements, legislation, regulations and policy. Cognitatie is the only compliance management tool that builds the intelligent bridge between text and logic based models. It brings all relevant information, such as relevant parts of documents, interpretations and other attachments together in one place and provides the support to structurally secure, manage and make optimal use of your organization’s knowledge.

Cognitatie has a proven track record with major government agencies and financials. It is extremely suitable as a shared basis and source of knowledge for both business and information analysis processes and offers efficient and sustainable risk management for organizations that have to comply with regulatory requirements. 24/7 100% compliance and traceable information. A unique feature of Cognitatie is that it links annotated texts to structured, user-made models.

Benefits of Cognitatie

1. Insight in cohesion

Cognitatie shows knowledge combined for a specific theme, spread over multiple documents based on connections made. This way you directly to the core of this theme, without consulting all the individual documents.

2. Compliant and transparent

Laws, rules, protocols and requirements that are applicable to your organization are combined in a meaningful and searchable form. This provides transparency of how you comply with the set demands and legislation.

3. Durable and future-proof

No more worrying about legislation or requirement changes. By securing the connection between the requirements and your organization the ‘as-is’ situation is always clear. This allows you to swiftly and efficiently tackle changes.

4. Innovative and flexible

Changing efficiently, responding to the market and innovating is made easier by optimal insight into the relationship between, for example, regulations and your policy documents, processes, data and rules.

5. Changes are noticed

Cognitatie shows the exact changes present in a new version of a document. On top of that the impact of these changes on the made connections and knowledge present in this document is shown. The actions that need to be done are immediately clear. Moreover time travel is possible using the recorded history.

6. Policy mapped

Cognitatie shows, at any time, the connections between external documents. The connections between legislation, associated policy documents and internal activities based on those documents are always clear.

Customers about Cognitatie

We like to share our knowledge, learn more about how PNA allows customers to achieve their goals

The Belastingdienst (Dutch tax and customs administration) continually has to deal with changes in legislation in their IT systems. Cognitatie by PNA makes it possible to execute these changes swiftly and allows us to trace the changes back to their legislative source.

Diederik Dulfer, Architect Business Rules Mgt. Belastingdienst

With The Compliant (pension sector-specific implementation of Cognitatie) we can, jointly with our customers, maintain various legal documents of pension funds accurately and in a structured manner. This way we keep the documents up to date and consistent. This is essential because of the abundance of (coming) changes in legislation.

Tom Dimmendaal, Legal Partner Sprenkels & Verschuren

Unique features & functions

Cognitatie has a wide range of applications. Discover the unique features our tool has to offer for your knowledge domain

Document Management System

  • Load and manage document of different versions. Textual comparison of documents, including annotations on these documents.
  • Direct interface with wetten.nl and EUR-Lex (www.eur-lex.europa.eu)

Annotation of text

  • Upon annotating, also direct classification (i.e. structuring in source text)
  • Assign annotations as the appearance of a concept (knowledge element) in a specific document
  • Defining relationships between concepts
  • Navigating between different manifestations of the same concept within a document, but also across documents
  • Include references to documents or contexts
  • Viewing changes, additions, deletions of annotations and concept relations

Annotation of contexts

  • Composing contexts from multiple blocks of text in a single document
  • Composing contexts from bocks of texts from multiple documents
  • Filtering document text by content of contexts
  • Defining relations between contexts

Notifications and management modules

  • Assign and process messages received with changed concepts, relationships, contexts and referrals, and messages within a user group to users
  • Set up your own classification scheme for annotation and classification
  • Inclusion of own meta-data elements for annotations, concepts, relationships and contexts
  • Comprehensive authorization, user and document management
  • Reporting module for creating and managing generic reports
  • Creation of validations for testing annotations, concepts, relationships and contexts

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