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With iKnow Rules you model the rules of a knowledge domain. These rules can be defined in Decision Model and Notation (DMN) as well as in another rule language specific to your business.

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Rules traceable and transparent

Do you have sufficient grip on the translation of your business knowledge to implemented rules? Do you have too little insight into how and where your rules are actually executed?

With iKnow Rules you map your rules in a comprehensible and insightful way, where rules can also be connected to processes, data, and semantics. Because of the direct execution functionality, rules can be validated during the specification.


  • Validation using concrete examples

    Use concrete examples as test scenarios to directly validate the rules with the users.

  • Clear sorting of large rule sets

    Clear sorting of large rule sets in hierarchic rule groups.

  • Relevant metadata

    Add metadata, that is relevant to your business, to the rules.

  • Insight for all stakeholders

    The textual representation makes the rules accessible for all users.

The advantages

  • Formal rules understandable for and validated by the business.
  • Validation during the specification phase.
  • Uses the DMN standard.
  • Adding business relevant metadata to the rules.
  • Complete traceability back to the source documents.
  • Part of the completely integrated iKnow Suite, which secures all knowledge of the organization at one central location.

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