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After modeling processes, data, rules, and semantics, iKnow Screens is a possible next step for making and using a functional prototype, which can also serve as a blueprint for the software developer.

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Insight in knowledge

Are errors in your specifications discovered late in the development process? Is it difficult to validate models with the future users of an application? Are expensive changes for applications needed that do not provide certain outcomes?

With iKnow Screens you have the possibility to make a prototype using your modeled knowledge. This allows for early validation of the knowledge by users, where users do not actually need knowledge of the modeled processes, data models, rules, or terms. This way errors in the models are found quickly and can be solved early.

The advantages

  • Generate a usable prototype application based on the modeled knowledge.
  • Verify modeled knowledge using the prototype with zero programming costs.
  • Define how the modelled application should look.
  • Intuitive controls so every user can create a prototype.

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