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With iKnow Semantics you model the semantics of a knowledge domain. You capture the terminology used and the meaning of these terms in one location within your organization. This prevents miscommunication.

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Understanding with iKnow Semantics

Does it occur in your organization that people think they understand each other, but they don’t, as they use different meanings for the same terms? Is the meaning of terms in your organization not clear for everybody?

Semantics is the art of assigning meaning. This is essential when working with data, rules, and processes. Often, however, there is not enough attention for this.

iKnow Semantics makes clearly defined semantics an essential part of your organization. In conjunction with the other knowledge tools, iKnow Semantics forms an important linking pin within the iKnow platform by capturing the meaning of each element, be it a process step, a rule attribute, or a value in the data model.


The advantages

  • A central location for terms and definitions saves time when searching for the meaning of terms used in the organization.
  • Jargon no longer is an obstacle for employees when getting into a new knowledge domain.
  • Terms of external parties like regulators are linked to internal terms to automatically generate compliance reports.
  • With iKnow Semantics homonyms are identified and the meaning of a term is made clear for everybody.

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