Amsterdam, December 2011 – PNA and ABN AMRO Incubator Holding have set up a joint venture to develop innovative, sustainable knowledge solutions for the financial world. The joint venture goes under the name of CogNIAM Finance BV and helps financial institutions to generate more returns on their available knowledge capital.

CogNIAM Finance helps organizations to implement first-time-right (knowledge-intensive) projects and lays foundations for efficient, understandable working with knowledge capital in the organization. In projects where the diversity and complexity of systems are standard and/or where there are changed business objectives or regulations & legislation and complex processes, cogNIAM Finance makes business and IT speak the same language. Moreover, CogNIAM Finance makes the organization more efficient and agile by identifying knowledge objectively, defining it and making it productive.

CogNIAM Finance is the first organization in the Netherlands to market vendor- and system-independent solutions, which certainly makes it a pioneer in the field of knowledge modeling.

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