HEERLEN, October 2012 – Friday 7 September 2012 saw the official opening of the Smart Services Hub in Heerlen. Limburg – and the Heerlen region in particular – has a strongly developed cluster and unique expertise in the field of financial, administrative and information services. In order to use this expertise effectively, and to develop a future-proof labor supply, 18 parties joined forces. Together, they have set up ‘smart services’, which, through making intelligent use of information, constitute a source of economic added value for the organizations themselves and for their clients.

Financial-economic and administrative services are strongly developed in the region, with large organizations such as the APG Group, AZL, CBS, Obvion and the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. But smaller, innovative players such as PNA and Betawerk also stand out by developing high-quality, innovative services. In addition, there are also various knowledge institutions with high-quality expertise regarding the financial-administrative and information-based cluster. Maastricht University, the Open University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences supply thousands a graduates a year to this specific field.

PNA has a place in the steering group alongside APG, Maastricht University, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and the Municipality of Heerlen. “We see a lot of opportunities in this unique partnership between business, government and knowledge institutions,” says Maurice Nijssen, PNA’s CEO. “Thanks to the world standards that we’ve developed in the fields of knowledge management and information streams, we can help businesses and institutions to increase their profits and their knowledge capital.”