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With cognition enhanced NIAM you connect semantics, data, processes and decision rules within your organization and you are able to secure your knowledge capital integrally.

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How do you maximize the return on your knowledge capital?

How can you make your knowledge capital active and useable? Are you regularly confronted with inconsistent, unclear or incomplete specifications? Are you looking for a way to secure knowledge structurally? CogNIAM® is the method to pre-emptively elicit knowledge and create understandable business models. Experience the benefits of sustainable, integrated specifications, using the open world standards BPMN, DMN and FBM.

CogNIAM® is the method to eludicate present knowledge and to compose understandable business models. Experience the advantages of durable, integral specifications based on the world standards BPMN, DMN and FBM.

Open workshop cogNIAM®, High Tech Campus Eindhoven:

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Due to COVID-19 our workshops are temporarily offered virtually.

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Bas van de Laar

Solution Manager

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What will you learn during this workshop?

  • How to record high quality BPMN 2.0, DMN and FBM models in a prescriptive manner.
  • Connecting processes, data, rules and semantics according to PNA guidelines, providing an integral view of your knowledge.
  • Creating functional requirements that are easy for the business to understand and validate.
  • How to consult domain experts and other knowledge sources and to determine impact.
  • How to link models to relevant source documents in legislation and regulations and/or your internal policy documents.

About cogNIAM®

CogNIAM® is a unique method that transfers knowledge into usable business models and based on iterative protocols. To achieve this, cogNIAM® uses natural language and concrete examples. This ensures that the resulting models are understandable and verifiable for all. cogNIAM® combines open world standards to capture processes, data, rules, semantics and the coherence between them.

The unique advantages

You obtain your knowledge directly from the source. Our trainers have broad practical experience with national and international organizations and have been actively involved in developing various global standards, including BPMN 2.0, DMN and FBM

Our method results in 100% complete, correct and consistent requirements specifications.

A business case that you yourself have selected will be used during the course of the workshop. This makes it possible to directly implement the knowledge you have acquired for the benefit of your organization.


The cogNIAM® method

During this workshop we use cogNIAM, a method developed by PNA. A method to map, not only processes, but also data models, rules and semantics of an organization. Because of the simple rules that make up this method, it can be learned by any knowledge worker. Using this method, knowledge becomes structured and integrated into a knowledge model. From this model the knowledge can be used productively within the organization in many different ways and disciplines. For example:

  • To demonstrate that the organization complies with the set rules.

  • As a starting point for an IT project to save valuable analysis time.

  • To introduce new employees to the processes within the organization.

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    High Tech Campus, Eindhoven

  • 5-day workshop from 10:00 till 17:00 including lunch.
  • 4 possible start dates.
  • Available in Dutch and English.
  • €3000,- (excluding VAT) per participant. Max. 8 participant per workshop

Request custom workshop

    Inhouse / Locatie of choice

  • Determine your specific learning goals together with our instructor.
  • Custom made curriculum with a business case from your practice.
  • Optional: in-house coaching afterwards.
  • Available in Dutch and English.

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